Jun. 7th, 2017

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So many things to talk about and I've forgotten half of them. My brain space is limited.

We did a tour of P's new high school tonight. Yes! She starts high school next year. WHAT?? Also, it turns out I'm 100% allergic to it. It's new therefore something inside is still degassing and it irritated my eyes to the point where I wanted to claw them out of my head. It was only in buildings one and two which had carpet. Something in the glue I guess? Building three didn't have carpet in it so it has to be that.

Also, the weight room was in use and it's all windows. Did my very best not to ogle, but the next generation is glorious.

Speaking of, it's all windows. So much light coming from in and out of the buildings. Most of the classrooms were glass walls that you could slide open on tracks? Very fancy. Which means, I guess that they didn't get air conditioning and this was how they're keeping the air flowing. But it's a very pretty campus. P's kind of excited to go.

Wordpress is a pain to figure out.

Um... I have new shoes.

What else is there? Ohhhhhhhhhhh, end of year stuff. In short: It sucks.


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