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It's the fifth day of school and already O is struggling. The good news is she'll have an IEP (Individual Education Plan) done by the end of the month.

Anyway, last night during dinner we did our usual What Happened in School Today question and answering session and O told us that she has two history teachers (oh yay!) and that they aren't going to make them memorize things or pass out handout sheets.


Now talking to O is like solving a word problem sometimes because 1) she forgets a lot (You can see why she was happy about that no memorization thing) and 2) her cognitive ability is... well, we've been over that many times before and you know that what you say is not necessarily what she hears.

So we go over what they said and what she heard a few times just so we can make sense of it and this is what we've got:

The class will pass or fail together as a group. They all have to work together in order to succeed and there will be no memorization of large chunks of data (including dates and names and places??? I don't know) or handouts*. There was also *something* about feelings in there but that made no sense at all. I think she misunderstood something they said. At least I hope so otherwise it's just poster making the entire year.

What I am understanding through this: it isn't a history class, it's a sociology experiment. I turned to S and said, "It's going to be Lord of the Flies in there." He said, "Remember if the teacher doesn't *see* you cutting off someone's ear then they can't prove it was you that did it."

Which is where O went, "Wha?"

I'm tempted to call the teachers and ask Whut up but I think I'll just wait until the parent / teacher IEP meeting.

* The school, and I don't know if this is district wide or state wide, doesn't have paper textbooks. Everything is on a flash drive or online, which is damn brilliant. So this whole we're not going to pass out papers to take home is a silly thing to get excited about when you'll have a URL to go to instead.


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