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After last falls disappointing wasp invasion, we took the hive away from the bee place and brought it in next to the workshop meaning to overwinter it inside. Which we totally never got around to. Just draped a tarp over it and said good enough because we're classy like that. Anyway, when we brought the chicks out (kept in Norman's extra large dog crate) we used the tarp to cover them up just to bring that class level up a notch or two. And S got to work on the chicken tractor.

I requested a chicken tractor (actually about three or four) because they would be too small to put in with the older birds and too big to keep in the garage. But I liked the idea of them getting fresh grass every day. The coop is all dirt now. S, being S, agreed... And got to working.

And created what we've dubbed: The Chicken Monster Truck (say that with reverberating echoes, it's much more effective). It's 8'x8'x6'8"tall. Some of you have already seen it on Facebook. Guys? Why?

Back to the bees. I first noticed the curious bee about a week ago. Buzzing around the newly exposed hive, sniffing at the lingering honey scents that might have survived the wet winter. Then a few more bees showed up — I guess that first bee was the realtor. Then more and more bees until one afternoon the hive was buzzing. Literally. They just decided to move in!

The only problem was, it was next to the workshop and right where the kids play. In the dead of night when all the bees were asleep save one lonely bee on the night shift, S and I snuck it back out to the bee place and thanked our lucky stars that neither of us woke up the hive and that we didn't have to spend another $200 for a nuc.

Honey and eggs, y'all.
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