May. 24th, 2017

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So last Saturday when I took E to her singing lessons (yes! she does this now) I was listening to Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me, and their first caller/contestant was a very sweet lady from one of the M states in the Midwest (I forget which one). And they asked her, what did she do up there in her M state and she said, "I write Jane Austen fan fiction." Like it was just this normal thing everyone did (and in my world, this is true)

I did a mental victory lap at her daring because 1) it's national radio and she gave her real name and 2) they didn't mess with her about it. Well, they did, but not for writing it, but because they joke with everyone about everything. They were very respectful. I'm wondering if they would have blinked more if it was like, One Direction fanfic or something less "legit" than Austen.

I know fanfic has become much more mainstream and acceptable these days, but I still won't tell people I write it. I barely acknowledge it to myself.

Speaking of, *whisper* I started a new one yesterday, which was nice. The first since February when all thise stupid stuff with the lawsuit started. I've written a few things since then, but they were original (OMG! WOW!). I don't prefer one over the other, but writing fanfic is like putting on a really comfortable sweater. It just feels good.

Also, I didn't recognize her name. Must be a new one.;)

News on the lawsuit: None. The courts move slow.


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