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P finally got the undercut I've talked her into *and* had it flat ironed. She looks so different now! Normally her hair is wider than her shoulders. If Hermione was a redhead, that's P.

Speaking of Hermione, we finally saw the new Beauty and the Beast movie. LOVED IT.

It's just the two of us this weekend. Everyone else is in Ocean Shores. Tomorrow we go see Wonder Woman again. :)

Billions of pictures of my last two days here. Both P's hair cut and yesterday's zoo trip. :)

Edit: Okay about the undercut. P's hair is... velcro. Like, it sticks to itself and you can brush it but it will start to knot up within seconds. So I talked her into an undercut and a deep conditioning treatment hoping to just make it better because honestly her hair looks like a neglected collie within hours. It mats up terribly. So we go to the salon, I explain the problem to the stylist and tell her whatever P wants is fine, but please we need help with the knots.


So she gets her wash and conditioning. She gets her undercut (for which I had to go over for a consultation because P didn't know how much she wanted off or how short to cut it) and then the flat ironing started. And she flat ironed. and flat ironed. and flat ironed. and flat ironed. foreverrrrrrrrrr. To the point where, you guessed it, her hair started knotting up again. So I'm sitting there watching and cracking up because this hairdresser has P's hair in her fist and is trying to separate a section of it but she *can't* because it's already starting to mat up and then she starts trying to pull it apart and then she looks at me and gives me this helpless look like, "oh?? my. god." Because she just had it washed and conditioned and brushed out and why is it clinging to itself already??

P's hair is a force to be reckoned with. But she likes her new look. I give it until morning until it's back to normal.

Date: 2017-06-11 01:52 pm (UTC)
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Oh wow, she looks older!

LOL at the stylist. How's the hair today?


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